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09.12.2021 10:43
PISTANTHROPHOBIA - An Unavoidable Fear Antworten

Being in Depression, staying alone, not talking to anyone, have stopped laughing or smiling at Jokes or Fun, or either scared of something. These all symptoms in person may look small, or even the family, friends or any kind of group living around them might not notice the strange change in behavior of these peoples. Some questions from all the readers on the other end, Have you guys noticed these kinds of people? Have you ever tried to talk to them? If the answer is No! Then Let me tell you, that these people are suffering from a very critical disease, which may also push them towards the end of their life. Shocking-NO! But it’s true. Yes! I am here to tell you about a Disease! This is also said to be strange but very dangerous. Let’s dive into the details of a disease which is referred to as PISTANTHROPHOBIA.

This is a type of Mental Disorder, where the affected person has developed an anxiety or intense fear to trust or believe anybody which may be the outcome of harsh ending of prior relationship leads to a serious depression. The person with this phobia or contusion avoids being in a relationship again, so that no one can hurt him or her again.

I have jotted down few symptoms of the above anxiety disorder, which may proved to be helpful to get out this trauma or even the person can contact the Psychologist:

i. The person with this disorder most commonly avoids talking or takes preventive measures to indulge in interactions with those who could be or willing to be his/her prospective lover.
ii. Most importantly they avoid indulging themselves from groups of friends or family where they usually talk about dating or romantic relationships.
iii. They even keep themselves away from the group where the people talk about intimacy, dating or a potential love partner of a patient.
iv. They may suffer from breath shortness.
v. They may experience an excessive heart beat than usual.

PISTANTHROPHOBIA can be diagnosed by the people who are very close to them, if they are ready to indulge themselves if affected people are talking about silly things. Yes! It may look boring, but believe that if you are ready to listen to them carefully, they may overcome this trauma very fast, you may be the reason for their recovery. This is only possible if the affected person is ready to talk to you. If they are scared to talk to you, then please rush to the mental health Professional, where they will treat these people in a right manner.

I am not saying that you should talk to them if they are avoiding you, just be around, and talk to someone else in either way. It will lead them not to think about their harsh relationship and you will be there to care about them. If you will leave them alone, they might also move their steps towards something worse, which may lead to death. Never let them stay hungry, offer them something to eat or drink from time to time.

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